Second day at KL

I went to office on second day with a spirit that I have to leave office earlier or arranged a taxi earlier so I wouldn’t be stuck at traffic jam.

However in the morning I didn’t find my yesterday driver. I took another cabbie and he only charged me 20 RM. At the office I asked my colleague if I could reserve a cab in advance…apparently you couldn’t do it in KL. Oh well…. maybe I should just leave earlier.

Obviously I was doomed from a start….. I could only left office at 5.15…. no taxi was available. So I waited for the company shuttle. It was 30 minutes late but I did get to KL central. The queue was even more horribly longer than yesterday. So I asked the information if I could get to my hotel taking an MRT. He said I could take the monorail and it was 2 floors down. I was a bit confused as the building only has 1 level down. Apparently the monorail was in different building…. The sign was not clear at all. Eventually I found the monorail after asking people. I had to get out from the building and walked accross a market. It only took 30 minutes by monorail. The 2nd challenge was finding my hotel from the Bukit Bintang station.

I was lucky enough finding a tourist which knew my hotel. The hotel was close to the station…only 5 minutes walking 😀
Couldn’t wait to fly to Sgp the next day