Bali Part one

Akhirnya kita pergi juga liburan ke Bali. Started with some drama with Pips on the day before we supposed to go receive text from his Boss saying that he has to attend a meeting on Friday only for his division as the rest of the office is enjoying forced leave. Not wanting to go to Bali with Bio only, I asked Auntie Fin if she’d like to go with us. She said yes so we changed her name on the ticket for a fee of 140K.

The tree of us took a 4pm flight. The domestic terminal was so crowded…jammed with many people going on holiday. Now it reminded me why we never travel during holiday season, not only flight ticket and hotel is the most expensive but the place will also be jammed with people.
We were early and waited for 2hours at the airport lounge and hearing many flight got delayed. I almost thought ours will be delayed as well but luckily it was not. The departure time was almost one hour late but seeing so many flights was delayed we were lucky indeed.
Arriving at Ngurah Rai airport at 7ish…. Had to wait for our baggage as the carousel was stucked. Our hotel driver was already waiting so hourney to hotel was smooth. Bio started to develop fever but still behaving nicely. Was sleeping during the flight on Auntie’s lap.
The hotel, Oasis Tanjung Benoa was very nice and the room is spacious. So much bigger than the Kuta version. The bed is huge… it was almost the size of 2 queen beds!
Bio started to get fussy as his fever reached 39+. I forgot to pack his panadol  and it was too late to go to chemist to get one. So I just keep breastfeeding him. Bio was terribly fussy at night. He was pointing at his nose which was blocked. Luckily I managed to pack breathy and olbas oil – that helped!….I tried keeping him comfortable by breastfeeding him non stop.

Bio’s temperature was still 38ish in the morning. We took him anyway to the beach in front of the hotel. Bio though feverish is excited seeing the beach and boats passing over.
We had breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, overlooking the swimming pool and the sea. Very nice view.

Bio took a nap back at the room. And when waking up his fever has gone down so we took a cab to Kuta which cost us almost 70K one way. We walked thru Kuta square and wishing we have brought a stroller with us or a baby carrier as Bio didn’t want to walk so we had to carry him all the way.
Back to the hotel in the evening and had dinner at Casa Bella, a restaurant within walking distance from our hotel. The fish and chips was good. Bio was calmed enough when we have the chips… he has refused to eat anything other than chips 😦

Pips arrived late at night and amazingly when Pips arrived, Bio’s fever was completely disappeared.

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