Pusat Primata Schmutzer & Ragunan

Before Fabio was born and I was pregnant, Adi and I used to bitch about parents who bring their babies or toddlers to the Mall and vowed we won’t end up like them. We listed down all the places we will take our kid starting from Jakarta.

However when Fabio was born, the reality of both working parents hit us. We don’t want to leave Fabio out on weekend as we’ve spent monday to friday in the office. But we also want to do our errands eg. checking out sales on in the Mall (where else). When Fabio turned 8 months, her Nanny quit and I couldn’t be bothered going back to square one, introducing nanny and teach her how to take care of my boy. So I enrolled Fabio in a daycare near my old office.

Having a son put in daycare has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is we have more quality time together. We left home at 7, spend time together in daycare. Pick him up again at 6.30 and we spend time together in a car. During those traffic moments in Jakarta we would be stuck together which is better than having him to wait for us to come home.

The disadvantage is we’re basically stuck with Fabio. He’s going wherever we’re going including Malls 😦 We even took him to hairdresser…. where he sits on my lap and sometimes Adi’s while both of us getting a hair cut and me having a pedicure at the sametime. Too bad we can’t bring him to Bersih Sehat (my favourite massage place) and Zen Living (my favourite reflexologi)…. if only this 2 places have a facility for kids while parents having their massage.

Anyway… going to Ragunan, is in list of places we want to bring our kid to….
so far the non Mall places we’ve taken him aren’t that many…
– Taman Safari and Puncak
– Lembang
– Puncak
– Bali
– Jurong Bird Park and playgrounds in sgp
– Kebun raya Bogor
– Monas
– Ancol and Seaworld
– Taman Menteng
– Senayan
– Kampung Air Alam Sutera
Really…. I should be more creative and give more effort….

Back to Ragunan… Kakak also came with us and was very excited. In fact calling us up about 5X in the morning asking when are we going to pick her up πŸ˜€
We paid 18.000 Rups for 2 adult and 1 kid. Fabio gets free entrance. When we saw Gajah, Fabio pointed out his finger and say “Gajah”! We saw Jerapah and Rusa…..we took a closer look at those rusa, but Fabio said “takut”. We took the train which took us to see all of Ragunan (better option than walking) for a 4000 per person.
Ragunan doesn’t have many exciting animals. The dangerous animals like bear and tigers were well kept in their caged and distanced from the visitors. If we wanted to have a better look of them, Taman Safari is much much better. After the train ride we went to Pusat Primata Schmutzer. We have to pay fee 5000 per person. But it really is worth it. The place is well kept and maintained. There is a the education section as well. We got to see different kinds of lutung, siamang, orang utan and Gorilla. Their habitats are much more nicer than the other poor animals in ragunan. One orang utan saw Fabio and stopped playing the tree, came down, walk toward Fabio and put his face close to the glasswall and took a better look of Fabio. Really everytime they saw Fabio, the were really looking at him.
We spend more than an hour there. When we finish we stop for a picnic just outside the pusat primata. Fabio must be tired, he finished all the macaroni in the bowl. I can;t remember when was the last time he finished his meal when I feed him. Should take him outdoor more often on weekend!
We took a bendi ride. It is 10,000 per ride for max 4 person. We paid double as we asked the Bendi to drop us at the exit door. Adi’s idea πŸ˜€ it was getting too hot and we were tired with all the walking. Fabio and Kakak smiling happily in the car and Fabio drifted off to sleep immediately in the car.

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