kuta lombok

Let me write about kuta lombok first. Have never been there but remember people said the beach there is beautiful. Novotel was the only proper hotel on the area. There are plenty good hotels in senggigi but people who has stayed there said the beach is so-so, esp after spending on on day in gili trawangan. We stayed in superior room for 500net, the cheapest room. The room was standard, no view but all was working and there is dispenser of mineral water which is convinient. Nothing to write home about. But the beach area was amazing. I fell in love right away. They have 3 pools: upper pool, middle pool and kids pool and on on huge sand area in the middle between the pool and the beach which can be used to play volleyball or futsal and by the beach and the pool are the lines of sunbeds. Next to the pool is the papaya bar and chilly cafe the restaurant. Obviously we spent whole day on the beach area where fabio happily running around the sand and I can take my occasional dip inthe pool and swim on the sea in the morning. We can only swim in the sea in the morning and afternoon when the tide is high. The water was clear turqoise colour and the wave is calm: perfect for swimming. Too bad fabio is too afraid to take on on dip. We didn’t want to pressure him as we would spent 6 days in gili where the main activity is on the beach anyway. The part where I dont like from novotel is the food. As the resort is secluded we have to eat in the hotel and the food variety is limited not to mention expensive. The price is justified as the location is pretty remote thus higher transportation cost. But I resent the lack of variety and that they only serve 200K all u can eat buffet which is not a good option when there is on on 2 years old toddler that wants to sleep at 7-8. I forget to mention that the deluxe room and bungalows look so much nicer. The deluxe was located below superiors and get their own teracce. What even nicer is the bugalows which has own garden pool in the middle.Novotel also arrange all sorts of activity for their guests such as: visit kuta traditional market, aqua robic, massage class, sports activity etc. We should’ve spent another 1 night so we can go visit tanjung aan and mawun beach. Maybe next time…. Btw there is a construction of lombok international airport in kuta area and our driver said investors from dubai have bought lands on the stretch beach area from gerupuk to mawun and gong to build hotels along the areas. Target completion is 2010. Hence my reason to come back and check it out in the next 2 years!