Singapore Blast 21-25 Jan 09

This trip totally left me flat broke. The original idea was to accompany Sari (my rich expat friend) go shopping. This girl doesn’t like the idea of shopping and can’t stand trying out clothes (No idea why we can be friend!)

So with her latest job which gave her a hefty salary increase (when there arepeople are actually got laid off; anomality in todays recession) she decided she needs a wardrobe makeover. Plus her best buddy (Me :D) was coming over. Hence we set and dedicate Saturday as a shopping day. The plan was to start early and really shop till you drop till late at night.

The shopping actually started early on Friday nite (3 pairs of Charles & Keith shoes for each of us and additional one bag for me) and ends on Sunday afternoon (each a pair of Birkenstock sandals, sunglasses for each of us and skinfood for Sari)

Fabulous food along the way: Jumbo Crab dinner on Tfridayy, dimsum lunch and many others at Jade Kitchen, Sukiyaki set at Jap resto in Central and Rib Eye Steak at City Hall.

Result: totally broke

Satisfaction with great

Sari and Me
Sari and Me

shopping and quality time with girlfriend: PRICELESS