Wear the proper gear

Didn’t I tell you before you need a guide if you’re going to go to all the waterfall? 😛


This is the beginning of the harder part…really, it’s so stiff..what is shown on the picture was nothing compare to what we experienced. We chose the wrong track, the less travelled one, without the proper trekking track. So it’s mainly dirt, slippery mud, and 75 degrees road..It’s so stiff!!..I don’t have the gut to take out my camera because I was so busy trying to balance myself. Believe me, I go to the gym 3 times a week, with a personal trainer, but this off track path, made my legs wobbly..Adi was the one who didn’t want to continue..(I guess he was right)..Julie and I went up, and Reyhan followed by Diana came up to us..

Looking up, after hiking for 15 minutes, we thought it would be too dangerous to continue, so we went down..the way down was even scarrier…it’s so slippery..

stupid me, I should buy a walking stick before taking this trekking trip..Reyhan fell on his bum, my finger was scratch from the tree branch (I didn’t even realized it until I saw spot of blood in my pants..*sigh)…But I was so proud of us for having the gut to try the off track…I definetely want to go back and take the right track..with a proper gear next time..