Banana Inn Bandung

This is the hotel we stayed when we were in Bandung for hari raya holiday. The price range is higher than my normal average hotel but don’t have much choice as during holiday like this Bandung is always fully booked. Hence I skipped the pain and went straight to above 600K range. I was toying betwee Ardjuna and Banana Inn but finally settled on banana inn as Ardjuna required me to transfer fund immediately!!! So unconvinient.

The normal price is 792 net weekdays and 892net weekend. For peak session 992net (which is the price I paid) It is still cheaper than Sangria but sangria is also much prettier.

It was a good break staying in Setiabudi and not so far up (we usually stay in Sangria). Rumah Mode is very close and it is also not so far to go downtown to check out FOs in Dago and Jalan Riau

The room and bathroom is so clean and nice. The bedroom is spacious (was staying in Deluxe, the cheapest option). Breakfast has a wide selection too. The swimming pool is small; but I notice most hotels in Bandung don’t have large swimming pool. There is a kids corner with sand area which is Bio’s favourite spot. The good thing is all of these are located outside the buffet place. So we can have breakfast first, swimming and playing and then later came back to the buffet to grab food 🙂

Overall, will recommend the place. It’s kids friendly hotel.

Banana Inn Bandung