Hotel in Bandung

Adi and I have always been a sucker for romantic and secluded hotel. We tried to stay away for Hotel catered for children because it will be big and noisy. Things however change when we have Fabio joining our little family. We have to cater for Fabio’s need and enjoyment as much as ours.

When we search for Hotel in Bandung I narrow my option into 2. If we’re going to stay for 2-3 nights I’ll prefer somewhere in Lembang or Dago atas as I want to have the fresh air. My favourites are: Sangria in Lembang and The Valley Dago atas. I have 1 more Hotel to add which I’d like to visit: Concordia, Bumi Sangkuriang. I checked out the Hotel when we had lunch there. The Hotel is in Cimbeleuit atas near Ardjuna and Padma (ex Malya). It’s part of Balai Pertemuan Sangkuriang which is sort of making it a heritage place in Bandung. They have a large garden and swimming pool. Fabio already run around in the playground (it’s an old playground but well maintained). The room is surprisingly cheap; Modern Room is 375K++ on weekend; same price as Sukajadi. Another place I want to try is Summerhill residence ( in Karang Setra

If we only stay in 1 nights then I have to chose Hotel with accessible location. Adi hates staying in downtown area (so I have to cross Dago and Riau area) and Fabio has to have a swimming pool. So currently Setiabudi area is our best bet. So far have stayed in Banana Inn, Grand Setiabudi apt and Sukajadi Hotel. Banana Inn is my favourite and also the most expensive.

I actually love Sheraton in Dago but because of the price I only ever stay there when it is on company expense 😛 My budget is definitely below 1M for Bandung Hotel

So where do you usually stay in Bandung?