My random things about Ubud

I love Ubud so much…. it brings back many memories. I wish i can go there next year for my 6th anniversary if I can successfully beg my Boss not to have our annual meeting on my anniversary. Eversince I joined Shell I’ve never been in Jakarta on my anniversary 😦


1. Tummywise @ Ryoshi, cafe des artistes, batanwaru, Kafe, Lakaleke, Nasi Kadewatan Bu Mangku, Delicat, Bali Budha, Indus, tapas cafe ..

2. Bring my wallet to : Kunci, silver shop at Hanoman st, Japanese Shop @ Dewi Sita, Ubud Market, (don’t want to go to pithecantropus shop since I found their outlet at legian), Kou shop ..(buy the necklace hanger @ the craftshop in Tegalalang)

3. Body Massage : salon Nur & Sang spa

4. Cycling

5. Morning walk @ Monkey Forest

6. Jazz Cafe Jalan Sukma

7. Gamelan & Dance Performance @ nearby Pura

8. Ask Alam Indah : when can we get a reservation – (maybe in 6 months) – they are so in high demand.

9. Relax, and just continue thinking about good – positive things