Long Beach in front of Paradise Resort where we stayed at Koh Phi Phi Don with Koh Phi Phi Lei in the background.
Long Beach is said to be the best beach in Koh Phi Phi Don. To me this is nothing compare to West Railay and Phra Nang Beach. But yet I love the atmosphere of long beach. It is not so far from Tonsay Bay, the center of Koh Phi Phi but yet secluded as can only reach by longtail (100baht/person) or walk 30 minutes thru the jungle. To my amazement long beach is buzzing with families with little children and elderly. I even saw a family bringing months old baby and the mother was breastfeeding her on the beach.

There are many youngsters coming on a daytrip to spend a day in the beach. Only at night you saw that there are mostly families who stayed the night in Long Beach.

Long Beach is pretty small, only has 6 resorts total. Only Paradise Pearl and The Beach have a full restaurant. We ended up eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at Paradise Pearl which restaurant situated in front of the beach.

The place we stay is called Paradise Resort. This is actually my 2nd choice as Paradise Pearl was fully booked. I have prepared for the worst having read their review in tripadvisor. But I was taken by surprise that our Bungalow is so nice and brand new… in fact just finished after Christmas. The people running the resort are also nice people, unlike what the review said. I definitely have to write a review on this in Tripadvisor.