Sightseeing idea in Flores

Labuan Bajo

– Different islands in Komodo National Park; ideal for snorkeling, diving, fishing or relaxing on the beach
– Komodo and Rinca island with the Komodo dragons, water buffalos, deer, wild pigs, monkeys, different species of birds and unique flora
– Pulau kalong (flying foxes island) where around sunset hundreds of bats fly out, which is a spectacular sight
– Batu Cermin, mirror cave, here you can see stalagmites and stalactites

Around Labuan Bajo

– Cunca Rami: a waterfall with a refreshing natural swimming pool (2 hours drive from Labuan Bajo and trekking for 1 hour go and back)
– Cunca Wulan: a series of cascading waterfalls nestled in a tropical rainforest setting (1 hour drive from Labuan bajo and trekking for 2 hours go and back)
– Mt. MBeliling: a 1.239 meters high peak in west Flores, offering a cool refuge with rainforest and an ever-changing array of vegetation (1 hour drive from Labuan Bajo and 2 day trekking)
– Caci: the traditional fighting dance of Manggarai
– Petrified wood forest near the village of Tobedo (1 hours drive from Labuan Bajo)
– Sano Nggoang Craterlake: a 500 meter deep volcano lake (2 day trip: 3 to 4 hours from Labuan Bajo and trekking for 4 hours go and back)


– Traditional village Todo (one hour before Ruteng)
– Rice fields in the shape of a spider web nearby the village Cancar (half an hour before Ruteng)
– The traditional village called ‘Ruteng Pu’u’
– Golo Curu, a viewpoint from where you can see all over Ruteng and its surroundings
– Traditional weaving of the original manggerai sarongs
– A colorful market
– Ranamese lake, a mysterious lake half an hour outside Ruteng on the way to Bajawa


– On the way to Bajawa there is the village Aimere where the traditional rice wine (Arak) is made
– Around Bajawa there are several traditional villages, each with it’s own story and sarongs
– Volcano Wawo Muda which exploded in January 2001. With this explosion different shaped and colored lakes appeared.
– Hot spring So’a, half an hour outside Bajawa. A nice place to relax and take a warm bad.
– Bajawa is surrounded by many volcano’s which gives an impressive landscape. The most impressive volcano is ‘gunung Ineri’


– National park of 17 islands with their white sandy beaches for good snorkeling and relaxing
– Flying foxes


– Blue Stone Beach, on this beach and in the surroundings you can find the nice shaped blue stones


– Volcano Kelimutu, a volcano with 3 crater lakes each their own color. Especially impressive with sunrise

– The beautiful surroundings of Moni which are perfect for walks

– The traditional villages Jodpu (kings house) and Nggala (weaving)


– Paga, a beach with swimming possibilities on the way to Maumere

– traditional villages around Maumere

– the black sandy beach near Wodong (15 minutes outside Maumere)

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