Pink Beach

Setelah lelah trekking di Pulau Komodo kita berlayar ke Pink beach untuk snorkeling dan santai-santai disana.

sambil kita leyeh2 ada percakapan yang terjadi seperti ini:

Fanny: Captain… there is no canoe in the ship… how are we going to bring our cameras to the beach? we can’t bring them swimming? we do not want to miss the opportunity to take pictures in pink beach!

Captain: *scratching his head* it’s okay Ms, Fil will swim bringing your cameras. He’s number two top swimmer in Labuan Bajo! He can bring the cameras unharmed

Captain: Fil…..! You swim to the beach taking these cameras okay… do not let them get wet.

Fil: Okay Captain!
So swam the Fil to pink beach with one hand bringing our cameras in a water resistant bag =D