Hiking long trail in Rinca Island

There are 2 choices of train in Rinca; short and long hiking trail. We took the long trail because we had plenty of time before we had to sail again. Our guide also told us that it is easier to spot the Komodo in Rinca island because Komodo island is much larger than Rinca and more of a rainforest. While Rinca is more of a savanna. That is why it is recommended to explore both Rinca and Komodo island

The rain stopped in the middle of the trek. Here’s my conversation with Sari

Fanny: Has the rain stopped? *taking off poncho*
Sari: Your shirt is wet
Fanny: *Confused* Did the rain water leak inside the poncho?
Sari: Laughing hysterically!!! Idiot, you got wet from sweating.
Fanny: hahahhaha….. I didn’t realize we were drenching in sweat from the long walk lol

In the middle of the trek we saw a herd of cows by the river and not far from there a bunch of Komodos lazily lying around doing nothing.

The guide told us that one of the cow had its leg injured when they were attacked by the Komodos. He reckoned that the cow will collapse few days from now because his leg eventually would give up supporting his body. And that is why all the komodos are hanging around the river. They are patiently waiting for its prey. When the cow finally collapsed all of them would attack. Scary, right!

Pregnant Komodo

We also saw a pregnant komodo. Apparently once the babies are born, these babies will quickly climbed up the trees to hide from the adult komodo. Apparently komodo eat their own species also especially the babies.

Our boat berthing in Rinca

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