Our Boat Crew

These are the people who made our trip so memorable and enjoyable 🙂 Captain Lutfi and his 2 crews plus Stefan our Guide.
Picture is taken by Jeffry Buana, our local Flores guide who arranges everything for us.
Stefan our guide who never changed clothes during the trip, and never wore shoes while trekking both rinca and komodo island, (I reckon he will have blisters if he wears shoes) is “setia sampai akhir” – loyal to the end, checking the airport for our return flight to Bali. if it wasn’t for Stefan we would have missed our flight because the schedule was move forward by 1 hour!

Our memorable conversation during the trip goes by like this:

Fanny: hebat ya Stefan
Sari: Iya kalau gak karna dia kita udah ketinggalan pesawat
Fanny: ck..ck..dia bener2 setia sampai akhir
Sari: Hahahaha

Another one

Jeffry: *clik..click* Udah?
Captain: 1 lagi!… mana itu camera satuu lagi yg merah?
Us: hahaha… Captain hebat. udah afal kalau tiap di foto harus selalu pakai 2 camera..LOL