Our last day on the boat

One memorable conversation when waking up this morning:

Fanny: *Duk! I bumped my head as I climbed the stairs up
Fanny: Where are the butterflies?
Boat Crew: *Waking up and hurriedly getting ready*
Stefan: *Immediately come to sitting position* Good Morning Miss
Fanny: Where are the butterflies?
Sari: What do you mean butterflies?
Fanny: What? Did I say butterflies. I meant Dolphins. Didn’t Stefan told us yesterday we would be able to see dolphins in the morning
Stefan: *Panicking, quickly standing up and looking around for dolphins on the sea lol*

This is a view of Taka Makasar we couldn’t visit because it was already high tide and the wave was strong. Taka Makasar was a sand dune in crescent moon shaped in the middle of the ocean. Too bad we couldn’t see it on our last day.

From Taka Makasar we sailed to Manta point, which is not so far. Stefan and boat crew tried to find the elusive Manta. Stefan and Fil even jumped to the water to search for them. The Captain eventually jumped to the water as well. Too bad the current was strong and we couldn’t snorkel. We could only see one single Manta from above the boat.

We were supposed to stay in Kanawa island on our last day but due to strong wave we were delayed so we didn’t berth in Kanawa on our last night. Kanawa island is 2 hours from Labuan Bajo and the place has just been taken over by Italian investor for 2 months by now. Hope in few years the bungalows would have been renovated.

It was raining non-stop on our last day sailing and the sea was choppy. Captain had to wheel us to stay in our cabin as many stuff started to fly around and the rain was pouring down heavily.

It was still raining when we reached Kanawa so unfortunately we couldn’t snorkel either. The reef in Kanawa would have been pretty when it is sunny.

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