a little note on Derawan

We loved Derawan to bits…. we hated the long journey to get there but then now that we were there we wanted to keep things just the way it is so less people found the place and it still maintains its charm 🙂 Pretty selfish, rite 😛

We can definitely see ourselves coming back again to escape the stress and traffic on living in Jakarta and enjoy the laid back life style plus the fresh air

Staying at the local managed homestay is a nice experience but also leaves me with  a mixed feeling. I noticed that on running their homestay,  they are still littering the place. I could see rubbish were being thrown to the sea which is so disheartening to see…. if we’re not being careful, Derawan can end up like Tidung and their garbage problem.

During our island hopping trip, the boat crew were throwing plastic bottles to the sea despite our efforts of collecting all rubbish in the box and us screaming to get him to stop!

Government needs to take serious action on the rubbish management on little islands. They have to seriously incorporate tourism as our nations asset and treat it properly.

in the end I am hoping that Derawan will always stay like this….