A walk around the island of Derawan

One of the advantage of my extended stay for just leyeh-leyeh after I hit all the tourist spot with the organized tour I could leisurely walk around the islands, observe the locals, and chat with the locals. And oh Adi can take more pictures.

So Mama Reza, the owner of Reza Home stay where we stay told us few stories about Derawan like Former Presiden Soeharto used to come to Derawan and there was his resort on the left side of Derawan Dive Resort. Now run by Kiani and looked very deserted. They rented a house for 1 Million something and people stayed there in groups. There used to be a heli-pad there which now looked broken and half of the area was washed away by the sea several years ago.

We also learnt that Derawan hosted a Beach volleyball and olahraga layar at PON. And at that time Government renovate the villager houses so their houses can be a home stay for the athletes

The same area on what’s left of the resort and the volleyball now is the place where sea turtles come to lay their eggs.