The beach

This is the beach next to derawan dive resort. View like this can only be seen during weekends where derawan will be busy with locals with families coming from Kalimantan for weekend break.

If you can do avoid derawan during long weekend. Many companies (many of them Malaysian companies) go to derawan for outing and the island would be so busy with many boats going on surrounding islands, people on the beach swimming and ride banana boat and at night karaoke went on and on. Totally ruined my visualization of serene Derawan. At one nigt when the karaoke still extended over 10 pm, me, varee and lolo went to the restaurant , same location as our homestay and made them stop the music. Malik, our trip organizer looked so worried and decided to follow us to avoid us getting into troubles lol

Luckily on sunday morning all sthese hordes of people went home and we can enjoy the island for ourselves again 😀