Lor In Villa

Where we stay. This is the only decent place to stay in Tanjung Tinggi Beach, the nicest beach in the whle island (exclude the small islands of course). I have promised Fabio that we will stay in a nice hotel with aircon with beach front location this time. So there we go 🙂

There is a cottage in Tanjung Kelayang which is the starting point for island hop but it caters more to backpackers. The other beach front Hotels are in Tanjung Pandam which is more of a city beach and the rest are in the city center, 40 minutes from Tanjung Tinggi. Tanjung kelayang from Tanjung Tinggi is only 15 minutes away

Most people usually stay in town but if we mainly go to the beach which is the main attraction of Belitung really, I’ll opt for staying at Lor in. However the downside is Lor In is not exactly cheap. The going rate was 1.2Mio net 😦
But maybe we can get it cheaper if we book via agent like Agoda etc