Maafushi island

Maafushi is one of the islands in Maldives with a thriving local economy. While more than sixty families benefit directly from fishing, tourism industry has taken a new turn since 2010. With the government regulation allowing opening of Guest Houses in local islands, Maafushi was the first to secure an investment in tourism accommodation. White Shell Beach Inn was opened in January 2010, making it the first Guest House to be granted license in a local island. Since then, many other guest houses have opened in Maafushi, and it has provided the local community with foreign currency inflows. Tourists from neighboring resort islands also visit Maafushi for island hopping and Maafushi provides them with shopping opportunity with souvenir shops at assigned areas of the island.

We stayed at Kaani Beach Hotel, in Maafushi Island. It was a brand new hotel and at the time of writing was the most expensive. There would be another new hotel called Arenalodge, still under construction which I suspect would rival Kaani Beach. Kaani have snorkeling equipment and life jacket free for rent. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in Kaani and the food was good though the choice is somehow limited. If you like indian food then most likely you will like Maldivian food

There is one single rule in Maafushi Island and also in all non-resort island where the local also lives. That is no going around in bikini, tanktop or short. We may do so in the beachfront area which is shielded by wooden walls.

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