How to get to Seram Island and Ora Beach Resort

Journey to Ora from Ambon is already taking a full day. Here I am going to share how it is. A driver picked us up from our hotel and drive us to Tulehu port to take the express boat “Cantika Torpedo” to Amahai Port in Masohi Town (Seram Island). it’s a 90 minutes ride with stop at Saparua island. We took VIP class at Rp 250K/pax, no hassle. Aircon, nice seat and clean toilet.
Porters at the port would immediately approach you to offer their service. They may look harmful but once you say no they would back off politely.

From Amahai port We were picked up by another driver which drove us to Desa Saleman. We had a stop first at RM Julia for lunch as it’d be a 2-3 hours ride.

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Amahai Port is located in the south of Pulau Seram and Ora is on the north coast. To reach Ora we have to go thru the mountain and pass the Manusela national park. A quarter of the journey approaching desa Saleman, the road was unpaved and we were driving inside a forest. It’d be frigging dark if you’re driving at night as there are no lights inside the forest road. If you arrive in the evening, best to stay at Isabela Hotel in Amahai and continue the journey in the morning.

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From desa saleman Ora Beach crew picked us up using their speedboat (10 minutes ride)

Desa Saleman

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Ora Resort taken from our boat

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