Ambon and Ora Trip Part 3: Ora Beach Resort

This resort is a total paradise. Located right at the beach behind a hill. The water is crystal clear with a sea bed of corals. There are lot and lots of colorful corals just like a mermaid kingdom. All can be seen just by snorkeling. On a good sunny day the water is so calm it looked just like a vast lake.

Our water bungalow

IMG_7457 IMG_7458

The jetty

iphone 1422 iphone 1419iphone 1744

Headstand on the jetty

iphone 1715

The beach

iphone 1424

The crystal clear water felt like having your own swimming pool where you can just jump from your bungalow

iphone 1426  iphone 1739iphone 1762

The restaurant

iphone 1929


iphone 1944