UK and France Trip part 8: Monte Carlo

Visiting Monte Carlo is one of my dream, along with going to French Riviera…it just sounded so glamorous somehow. There is a reason my blog is called shallow obsession 😛

A good resource to read:

The bus no.100 to Monte Carlo leaves from Segurante. We had to take the tram to Place Garibaldi first. It was  a 40 minutes ride along Nice coastline and we stopped at Place d’armes, the gateway to Monaco.

IMG_8587 IMG_8589

Palace square and the view from uphill

IMG_8598 IMG_8618 IMG_8622 IMG_8626

another yacht


Walking downhill passing the amphitheater we walked toward the jetty and take the bateux bus to the Casino.

IMG_8633 IMG_8634 IMG_8637 IMG_8639

Casino of Monte Carlo

IMG_8644 IMG_8662IMG_8648

Mone Carlo Larvotto beach, on the back of the casino. Very empty as the weather was probably less than 5C

IMG_8653 IMG_8664

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