UK and France Trip part 12: Chateau de Versailles

We visited Versailles on Sunday and It was soooo crowded… I felt sick already when I saw the mass amount of people when I approached the gate. I arrived in Versailles at 9.40am and there were already 4 layers of queueing. I was lucky it was not a hot day so inside the chateaux was still bearable eventhough it was still crowded.

What annoyed me was they only have a toilet at the entrance point to the chateaux and the next one outside after after we exit the chateaux. Luckily I found one toilet inside Angelina, but there wasn’t actually a clear sign.

I ended up spending the whole day in Versailles and only return to Paris at 6pm, because I was queueing the whole day. To me the chateaux is just not worth the effort because of the crowd. I’d rather spend my day going somewhere else I haven’t covered in Paris.

And the crowd is different with Eiffel tower and Louvre. In Louvre we have options of several wings and sections to visit. And the queue in Eiffel is pretty fast moving. In Versailles everybody follow the same path: chateaux, garden, grand trianon, petit trianon and grand canal. At least that’s the petite train route. I couldn’t bear walking after being in a queue for so long and use the train to go to grand trianon and petite trianon.

My tips:

come early, don’t come during peak of summer and weekend.

The crazy queue


The main palace

IMG_9326 IMG_9337

The garden

IMG_9340 IMG_9350

Grand trianon and Petite trianon

IMG_9357 IMG_9368 IMG_9400 IMG_9402 IMG_9404

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