Medan and Lake Toba Trip

This is one of our impromptu trip, was just decided 1 week before Eid Fitri. Hubbie suggested we flew to Medan on 2nd day of Eid to visit Reyhan (his litlle brother) in Medan before he comes back for good to Jakarta.

Ticket to Medan during Hari Raya Festive is expensive 🙁 I couldn’t find hotels wcich were still available in Tuktuk (Samosir island) so we tried Taman Simalem resort. They still have room at their lodge accommodation called Tongging point. They hav e 4 beds inside each of the room and the bathroom is outside. There is one communal bathroom (separated for female and male) for each floor. This kind of arrangement reminds me of a hostel. But Tongging Point lodge is too expensive for Hostel standard. The room is 2.4mio/night inclusive of breakfast and dinner for 4 people. Dinner was held at the restaurant and it was set on the table like proper dinner and yummie too. We had barbeque on the first night and steamboat on the 2nd night.

Medan is famous for its culinary…but coming there on Hari Raya Festive is big mistake. Most restaurants were closed and the traffic jam going to Lake Toba was really bad. It took us 6-7 hours from airport to Taman Simalem with some stop for lunch and snacking at Brastagi

Quick stop at some random restaurant which sells soto medan for breakfast


Break in Brastagi

IMG_0579 IMG_0580

The lodge Tongging Point


Inside the bedroom

IMG_0587 IMG_0588

The bathroom is super clean. They provide amenities too.

The hotel


The view of Lake Toba from the resort is amazing. The lake looks misty…reminds me of Milford Sound in NZ


IMG_0631 IMG_0632 IMG_0649

About Taman Simalem Resort:

pearl of Lake Toba, still in Taman Simalem


Vast ground in Simalem resort

IMG_0737 IMG_0738

Hiking activity in the resort

IMG_0720 IMG_0724 IMG_0727

Lake Toba in the afternoon


Air terjun sipiso-piso


Back to Medan, stop by to eat Durian


We hired a car to take us to Taman Simalem.

We wanted to visit Samosir island during the day but the road was congested so we decided to stop half way. It is indeed a bad timing to go to Medan during Hari Raya Festive and you need to book ahead if you want to stay in Samosir (Tuk-tuk).

I will visit Medan again…next time I want to come back and visit Tuk-tuk and Bukit Lawang and spend few days there.
Tabo Cottages in Tuk-tuk and On the rocks in Bukit Lawang seems a nice place to stay.

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  2. Iya…kalau yg lodge namanya Tongging Point memang defaultnya 1 kamar utk 4 orang. Jadi ada 4 single beds dan jatah breakfast dan dinner juga utk 4 orang. Lodge nya bangunan terpisah dengan hotelnya.
    Kalau hotelnya seperti layaknya hotel ada kamar deluxe, suite etc

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