Back to London Part 1

London trip this time is unplanned and unexpected. If I have known I’d go back, I’d apply for 1 year VISA on my first visit last March. In total this is the 3rd time I went to London and hopefully not going to be the last.

This time, the trip is kinda special because I’m going with Hubby and it was like a reunion karna 12 tahun yg lalu kita pacaran di London juga 😛

Anyway the real reason why we went to London because Hubby had a business meeting and I nag and beg for days until he said I could tag along hahahaha….

We flew by Qatar airlines, only bought the ticket few days before D-day….  so no cheap tickets. Hubby flying in business and me because it’s personal expense, flying in economy. I’d rather spend the money buying handbags in Bicester then throwing it for business class.

First leg London-Doha was okay, flight is not full. I was sitting by myself on the right wing. Had transit in Doha for few hours. Flying from Doha to London was a disaster. Flight was fully booked. I was sitting on the middle row and a really nasty man kept kicking my seat. I was seriously thinking of reporting it as harassment but seeing the flight is full they cant really put me anywhere else.

We landed in London probably around 6ish and a car picked us to drive us to Novotel Towerbridge. It was friday night and not any ordinary Friday either. It was Black Friday…all stores are discounted and they open until 10pm. Hence traffic was really bad… it took us more than 2 hours from Heathrow to Towerbridge.

Hubby and I managed to quickly checked in to Hotel and went straight to Oxford street and see the stores until 10pm 🙂

Saturday was spent going to Cambridge. I remembered we had our picture inside our wedding invitation taken from one of the college backyard in Cambridge during summer. I’d be nice to see if we can find the spot again.

Happy face on the train


Kings College Cambridge



University backyard


We came back to London around 5ish and it was getting dark. We slept early that night… I could barely open my eyes when we had dinner

Sunday was my highlight as we went to Bicester Village 🙂

Hubby decided that he’d go with me so I didn’t go crazy and bankrupting myself if I went alone. We split out when I entered Prada outlet. But when I finally came out carrying 2 big bags Hubby decided from there on we’ll stick together to visit all the outlets hahahahahhahaha

The perk of being 6 weeks preggy is Hubby didnt complain when he had to carry all those shopping bags 😀


Lunch in Jamie Oliver’s kitchen


We caught the train back in the evening, drop the stuff at the hotel. And went to chinatown for dinner at Wong Kee
I love love love Wong Kee…. I think it’s the best and cheapest chinese resto in London


Monday to Thursday Adi had his business meeting so I spent my days strolling around London and made 1 trip to Stonehenge and Bath

I bought prepaid card from EE for GBP 15 which seemed a better deal than Vodafone and they have  strong 4G signal too.

Oxford Street

IMG_2188 IMG_2190

Towerbridge at night

IMG_2192 IMG_2194 IMG_2197 IMG_2200

Arsenal Stadium

I had to go here to buy my son (soccer freak) an Asrsenal t shirt and deckers. I met up with Nissa and Bella, my cousins. Bella is currently studying in London and Nissa happened to be in London the same time as me.

IMG_2242 IMG_2243 IMG_2247 IMG_2250

Cute little street near Oxford street (I seriously forgot the street name)


Winter wonderland in Hyde park

IMG_2254 IMG_2259 IMG_2260 IMG_2263 IMG_2271

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