Tanjung Bira Trip Part 2: Bara Beach

Bara beach is as beautiful as I expected. The sands is white and as soft as flour and the sea has 3 gradation of colours. We hit the beach as soon as we checked in to Bara Beach Bungalow.

Fabio playing on the beach. This was taken late afternoon, almost low tide and very little wave.


Bara beach in the morning at low tide

BaralowtidemeinBaramorningBara Beach in the morning

Bara Beach bungalow is one of the few hotel located in the beachfront of Bara. Next door is Bira Dive resort. The other resort will be Mangga lodge, but I’d say Bara beach bungalow has the nicest location.

Bara Beach Bungalow

frontbungalow Ourbungalow  Bara2

The restaurant overlooking the sea and the terrace, my favourite spot

restobarafavespotin bara


Inside our room

insidebara1bathroom1 bathroom2

Bara Beach bungalow can be booked thru its website: http://www.bara-beach.com/
The bungalow rate is Rp 850,000/night.

The food at the restaurant is pretty tasty and the price is reasonable. They offer car trip to Bira at Rp 50,000/trip and trip to Liukang island at Rp 350,000/boat. You will pay the same price if you go to the boat owner directly on the beach. We went to Liukang and Kambing island on day 2 thru the hotel.