30 hours without electricity in Bira Amatoa resort 

The wind had somehow developed into a storm by night time. The wind was so ferocious, it literally bang on our door. At around midnight the electricity was cut out in the whole area. Turned out that the hotel genset was broken and we were stranded with no electricity for 30 hours!

In the morning the wind finally stopped blowing and the sea was calmer. Amatoa Resort had direct access to the sea. Seeing that the sea was calmer at low tide, Hubby and I decided to take a dip.


We don’t have water in our room anyway so the day was spent all day swimming in the sea, at the pool and sunbathing.

We walked for lunch to Warung Bambu (I read some good reviews here. The food was good and the portion is big). We were told that the whole Bulukumba didn’t have electricity as the storm last night had hit some of the power pole. It’d take a long time to fix. (Turned out we had electricity out for 30hours!)

It was extremely disappointing that the resort didn’t have a generator ready. At night I could see some bungalows in liukang island had some lights which meant even they had some generators  The hotel staff brought us supply of water with buckets so we can have a shower. Shame that I also had to ask for it instead of having the staff offered to do so.

Half of the guests checked out that day and new flock of guests were coming in. The new batch were a group of youngsters from Makassar and traveled using a mini van. The were pretty adventurous and went straight to have a dip in the ocean.

It was so hot during the day and had trouble sleeping with no air conditioner. The new batch of guest were so loud. They couldn’t sleep also in the heat and decided to chatter around in the swimming pool. That went on until suddenly we had a lightning and and thunderstorm twice in a row. After that all went silent and the youngsters retreated quietly to their room lol. They must’ve got scared. The good thing is the storm brought the wind and the temperature got cooler. I slept better when it started to rain.

Balcony from Bungalow next to the swimming pool

The stairs leading to the ocean

The electricity was back only in the morning, the next day when were due to leave. When we checked out the staff offered us to use the shower in the suite room as it’d take few hours to have the water running properly again in all the rooms. The manager in charge also gave us a discount for the room rate.

Lesson learnt I felt glad that we always pack a torch with us whenever we travel. Even better if we had packed our solar charger too. And lastly always count all your blessings. It was that easy to turn holiday sour but we were in a nice resort, nice beach, together with the people we loved the most and we didn’t have to work. Nothing beats that!

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  1. Mangkanya…. gw mau nulis di TA juga soal genset ini tapi blm sempet.
    Gak acceptable soal si genset ini buat Hotel semahal ini

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