Amatoa Resort

Day 3 wasn’t so pleasant with the wind blowing pretty hard on the beach.  See below how my hair was swept by the wind!

We checked out aound 11 and use the hotel car to drive us to Amatoa resort (cost IDR 50K to Bira).

And if I thought it was windy on Bara Beach, the wind was even stronger at Amatoa Resort because it was perched on a cliff straight to the ocean.

The Resort gate

The resort was even more breathtaking than the picture I saw on the web. Bara beach was beautiful, but this resort took my breath away. It is definitely worth every penny. Imagine Karma Kandara resort at a price cheaper by 70%. Amatoa only has 7 rooms, so you need to book in advance. We stayed in deluxe room (room 5) designed for 3 people, rate at IDR 1.89Mio/night.

Room 1 an 2 are the suite and they have their own private terrace. Room 3-5 has direct access to the swimming pool. Room 6 has a private terrace and room 7 are for family, slightly at the back but still facing the ocean.

Bale Bengong

This view reminded me of Ayana Rock Bar in Bali

Pool Area

Versi Ayah Bunda

Versi FHM (ignore the pregnant belly…FHM model wannabe often forgot that she was more of Ayah Bunda model now lol)


Our room

The restaurant

Amatoa resort can be contacted thru and its website

The wind got even stronger as the day went by. The sea was so choppy I didn’t see anymore boats in the water.

We walked to Bira to have early dinner at D’perahu restaurant. Bira beach was pretty deserted when we walked because of the strong wind

D’perahu food is average but the restaurant is worth the visit because of the unique structure.

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  1. iyee itu anginnya kenceng bgt dan blm seberapa karna masih pagi hahaha.
    Foto preggy sea mermaid ada di post berikutnya di kolam renang. Gak boleh full size picture kata Pak Boss, gak sesuai syariah hahahahah

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