Island hop to Kambing and Liukang Loe islands

The weather was nice when we woke up so we quickly told the hotel to confirm our island hopping trip.

We have booked a boat thru hotel to take us to kambing and liukang island for 600K. The rate to go to liukang is only 350K but I thought we may as well saw Kambing island.

It took 30 minutes to reach Kambing island and when we got there the wave was big. Our boatman need to stabilize the boat first and I completely forgot to take picture of the island as I was too excited to quickly jump to water.

Our boatman told me not to go too far as in some area the undercurrent is strong. The underwater view is not disappointing. Colourful corals and big fishes. It reminded me of the coral beds in wakatobi, but the wave was big. Hubby sticked to snorkel close to the boat while Fabio kept checking me out, calling my name out if he thought I went too far 😓

we finally moved to Liukang island after playing around 1 hour.

Liukang island has a turtle conservation. They even built  a closed swimming area so we can swim with some turtle for 10K

After Fabio was satisfied we moved to do another snorkeling. This time there was no wave at all and Hubby can do snorkeling in peace. Underwater  in liukang is  also very good as the surface is flat. I think Kambing has better underwater but the snorkeling there is tricky due to the wave. Kambing island is actually a dive spot and a friend told me the underwater current there was pretty strong too.

You can stay in Liukang island too. The rate for aircon bungalow is 250K

Lunch in Liukang is a fixed cost of IDR 40K/person. One of the best lunch in Bira as the fish is fresh and we were famished after all the snorkeling

Pictures around Liukang

We went back to Bara at 3pm as our boatman said the sea would about to get choppy. He was right, when we reached Bara I could feel the wind and the sea was not as calm as yesterday.

At dinner I could feel the wind was getting stronger. Seems like the next day would be super windy.

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