My trip to Aceh happened when I was 7 months pregnant and that was the last of my trip saga for the year. I had to let go my Ternate tickets which I impulsively purchased during Garuda Travel Fair as no airlines would allow me to fly at 8 months pregnancy. My baby girl was born in the end of Jun and after 1.5 months hybernating at home I started to feel the itch to travel again. When I knew Hubbie is going to Bali for some seminar I nagged and nagged to tag along and he eventually gave in. So Babycha took her first flight to Bali when she turned 2 months old.

Babycha’s first flight at 2 months old

Is it challenging? Yes! Tiring? Of course! But I have no complaints, I love to travel and as long I am happy and content, nothing matters. Happy Mom, Happy Family.

Carrying baby stuff is already one suitcase so do not go cheap with low cost airlines. You need some convenience when traveling with a baby in tow. Especially when you got without Nanny. I forget to mention that I traveled without Nanny. Just Hubby, me, my 9 years old son and a 2 months old baby.

What do you need to bring?

Inside Hand-carry bag

  • Earmuff : to be worn on the plane to reduce the loud plane noise and also other noises. Have you noticed that baby’s crying is contagious? Earmuff also come useful when we dine out. I put on the earmuff when she falls asleep. You can never control what is happening around you but you can mitigate a sudden loud noise. Baby needs her sleep and we have to maintain her routine (meal and sleeping time) stable during traveling
  • Pacifier: Now a disclaimer, not all babies need one. Each baby is different. My son didn’t need one when he was a baby but for Alyssa and me, pacifier is a lifesaver. During take off and landing, pacifier helps reducing the impact of the changes in the air pressure.
  • Bibs dan muslin cloth (to wipe those drools and milk)
  • Nursing apron, when baby wants to breastmilk
  • Wet tissue
  • Disposable diapers
  • Cleansing Nappy lotion and cotton pads for diaper change and cleansing baby bottom.
  • Foldable mat to change diaper
  • One set of clothes in case of baby throwing up or diaper incident.
  • Plastic bag to store used diapers to be thrown away
  • Small airy blanket
  • Hat
  • Baby Carrier

Inside the suitcases

  • Foldable bathing chair or inflatable bath tub. Always check what the hotel’s bathroom is like so you know what to bring
  • Disposable diapers
  • Baby Toiletries: Head to toe wash, Minyak Telon (I use homemade using Eucalyptus and Fennel essential oil diluted in Organic carrier oil), Cleansing nappy lotion and cotton pads and nappy cream.
  • Swimming suit and baby floatie
  • Baby sunglasses and hat
  • Pyjamas
  • Cardigan, legging and socks (to use to go to the beach or to restaurant with aircon)
  • Clothes : Bring more because baby drools and throw up occasionally.
  • Extra muslin clothes

Outside the Suitcase

  • Stroller (Depend on the destination. Most common strollers used in Indonesia have small wheels because babies usually only go to Malls or other indoor places. If you are going outdoors a lot, chose a sturdy stroller with bigger wheels and have space to store baby’s stuff. I use Quinny Zapp xtra-2 and have no complaints for outdoor.
  • Car Seat (Can be rented at the destination). I use Maxie Cosie which is compatible with Quinny until Bbaycha was 6 months old. Maxie Cosie Car Seat also works as Baby Carrier. When she fell asleep on the car, we just carry her with her Maxie Cosie.

For Baby who is already on solid food

I am one of those Moms who always try to give my baby homemade food. But when we travel I buy jar food from Heinz, Gerber and Rafferty. for practicality.

Babies are often turned into fussy eater when they travel. The key is to expose them to a lot of variety. Don’t expect your baby to willingly eat her food from Heinz when at home she eats rice porridge everyday. Babycha menu changes on daily basis. For her Carbs I alternate between red rice, potato, sweet potato, quinoa, oatmeal, butternut squash and pumpkin.

The most important: Always stick to your baby’s meal time to avoid your baby gets cranky because her lunch or dinner is late.

Food/Drink Utensils to bring

  • Bowl with a lid (I use mothercare)
  • Spoon (I love tomtip which has a heat censor)
  • Straw bottle or sippy cup
  • Small Cooler box and blue ice (I use Medela). These food jar has to be stored in the fridge once it is opened and untouched for maximum 24-48 hours. I usually put her food inside the bowl so the uneaten one can be kept in the cooler box.

What kind of Baby food to bring?

This is trial and error. I usually bought many variety until I find the ones that Babycha likes.

For Breakfast I bring Instant Oat which you can make with hot water. Her favourite is Heinz Blueberry Oat
For Lunch and Dinner: Babycha likes creamy based food, instead of tomato based.
For Snack: Babycha love her heinz custard banana or strawberry+banana. Sometimes I give her heinz fruit gel for variation or just fruit.

Babycha 2nd flight at 3 months old

When she was 9 months old, Babycha has already flown to Bali three times, Lombok, Semarang and recently to Perth. One trip to Bali and Semarang was actually a business trip where I brought Babycha along with her Nanny. But for other trips, I leave her Nanny at home so our family can have a quality time together.

So travelling with a baby is definitely doable as long as you have the right mindset; Be positive and be happy! Happy Mommy = Happy Family!


  1. Yg gak doable itu bawa nannyyyy klo rakyat jelata bukan cfo kyk mamiihhh..hahaha
    Btw bacain makanannya babycha itu kok gw jd laperr mlm2 beginiiii

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