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Almost 2 years Hiatus

Udah lama banget blog ini gak di update karena saya sibuk sangat dengan kerjaan. Setelah trip terakhir ke Perth, ada beberapa trip yang saya mau share dan ada satu trip yang paling berkesan dan banyak membawa enlightenment dari seluruh trip saya selama ini yaitu our Hajj Trip di bulan Agustus 2017.

I miss writing travel blogs… we are still traveling  lot as a family and there are side trips I did with BFF also. Let me try writing them one by one, starting with my recent trip to Euro Bavarian in end Oct-mid Nov with my BFF Ms Fere and Alyssa.

There are also couple of trips I want to write here as they are in my bucket list. The most magnificent and memorable is of course our Hajj Journey in August 2017. This one is the hardest to write because there is a lot of personal memory which can not be said in words. I may write about this some day. Meanwhile you can see in my recent post that I have a new look 🙂 Yes I decided to wear Hijab straight after I come home from Hajj. It is a personal decision and one that I do not regret. I have had my full share of naughtiness and bikini days on my younger days. It is about time for me to cross to the other side 🙂 Bear with me!

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