Desa Limasan Resort and Watu Karung Beach

Watu Karung is a beautiful, secluded fishing village located in East Java, Indonesia. It is less famous Vs their neighbour Klayar Beach because of its remote location. Getting to Watu Karung is an adventurous drive through winding roads, lush greenery and a glimpse of the local Javanese culture.

During our Solo getaway, we are taking our parents to do a side trip to Pacitan. Pacitan is about 3 hours drive from Solo and we planned to spend one night in Desa Limasan Resort in Watu Karung Beach.

Desa Limasan is 12 km away from Klayar Beach and when we reached the resort it was already dark so we didn’t see the view. Desa Limasan has 6 Villas which comes in different sizes. The biggest house is Limasan Besar which has four air conditioned bedrooms with en suit bathrooms, big dining space and a long front porch. Limasan Rizal and Limasan Darmadi has 2 bedrooms while Limasan Kolam and Limasan Kecil only has 1 bedroom. These five villas are located by the beach and there is one villa called Limasan Hill top built on top of the hill.

Desa Limasan is very popular and easily booked out. They only have Limasan Kecil and Limasan Hill Top available when we booked.

Our parents stayed in Limasan Kecil which is more convenient for them while the rest of our group stayed in Limasan Hill Top. Limasan Hill Top has one air con bedroom with en suite bathroom, but also has a spacious daybed in the main living area of the house, seating area, and a spacious outside deck to enjoy the view. What makes the Villa special is from the Villa you get the spectacular view of the ocean, river and village of Watu Karung below. Desa Limasan price rate is inclusive of 3x meals because of its secluded location.

Limasan Hill Top
View from Limasan Hill Top

Watu Karung beach is a pristine white sandy beach which has a special landscape of rock cliff which kind of remind you of Seven Sisters rock cliff in Blue Mountain Australia. One rock cliff in particular, stood out because of its “Sphinx”-like features, or depending on where you stand or how you look at it, it could resemble a princess or a baby’s face. The beach has powerful waves which draw many surfers to come and it has also been featured in the surfer magazine. The beach in front of Desa Limasan Report is clean and swimmable.

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