Sumba Trip itinerary

Sumba Trip itinerary

The idea of going to Sumba appeared just like that when my mind zoomed out from a meeting I was attending. I was suddenly thinking of where we should go on Christmas Holiday and Sumba popped up in my mind. I texted my partner in crime, Varee and she immediately agreed and even said why not extend until new year.

So there. Final itinerary looks like this:

23 Dec: Fly wings air from Denpasar – Tambolaka. Our flight got delay 2 hours 🙁 Checked in Hotel Oro Beach. Because of the delay we cancelled going to Rumah Sumba and go to Pantai Mananga Aba to see sunset. Dinner at Warung Gula Garam

24 Dec: Pantai mandorak, danau weekuri, kampung adat Ratenggaro, pantai Pero for sunset. Dinner in Warungku

25 Dec: Kampung adat Praijing, Lunch in restaurant Daun Ubi, Savana Lapale, Lapopo waterfall (we didn”t go because it was raining and the access was closed), bukit Marosi and pantai Kerewe. Check in Hotel Sumba Nautil. Sunset Pantai Marosi

26 Dec: Hubbie fly back from Tambolaka airport. The rest go to Pantai Marosi for some beach time. Visit Pantai Batu Beleg and pantai Dasang

27 Dec: Check out hotel and move to East Sumba. Pantai Tarimbang, bukit Wairinding, check in Villa Morinda

28 Dec: Puru Kampera, lunch in Mr Cafe, desa Rende, Pantai Walaikiri, Bukit Persaudaraan, Pelabuhan Waingapu

29 Dec: Fly to Bali from Waingapu

29Dec-1Jan: Bali

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