Day 1 West Sumba

We almost missed the plane this morning because my alarm didn’t ring. I woke up because Blue Bird driver called and told me he was already in front of the house. Luckily the Driver was kindly enough to wait for us. I frantically woke up everybody in the house to quickly get ready and finally leaving the house 20 minutes later. God Bless the driver who came way too early so we made it at the airport at 4am, on time for check-in. Flight to Bali departed on time.

Our second leg Denpasar-Tambolaka was delayed for 2 hours and we were using a smaller propeller plane by Wings Air. We were all nervously waiting for the plane, so afraid that the plane would depart without us (I read too many horror posting about Lion and Wings air).

We landed safely in Tambolaka airport where our guide/driver had been waiting for us. We checked in to Oro Beach Beach Bungalow and had lunch there. Lunch took a long time to be prepared but when the food come it was super delicious.

Oro Beach Bungalow

Oro Beach Bungalow was raw and rustic with beautiful surrounding. Unfortunately it was not well maintained. Because of the jungle like surrounding, on a rainy season there will be lots of insect coming inside the bungalow. Every time we came back to the Bungalow at night we would found ants and all sort of animals crawling on the room floor so we had to ask the staff to spray them with insect spray and swept the floor once more. Our guide told us that ever since the German Husband died, the wife and children could not keep up with the discipline of hotel maintenance. The wife and daughter was a very good cook though. We always enjoy our breakfast and lunch served by the Hotel.

Oro Bungalow House Beach

Kita/Mananga Aba Beach

We were supposed to go to Rumah Sumba but due to flight delay we wouldn’t have enough time so we drove to Mananga Aba beach to see the sunset.

Mananga Aba Beach or Kita Beach is very pretty and we saw a rainbow when we were there as the rain has stopped. Wide stretch of white sands and calm beach with almost no wave. There is a brand new Hotel on the beach called Mario Hotel & Cafe. This can be alternative Hotel to stay in West Sumba if you want to stay on a beach.

We stayed on the beach until sunset and the sky turned into a beautiful color. Then we moved to Warung Gula Garam for dinner.

After sunset

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