Day 4 West Sumba

Hubbie had to go back to Jakarta today so our driver took him to the airport while we spent our morning taking a long breakfast with a beautiful view of the garden and the beach and see the Hotel’s landscape.

Sumba Nautil Resort

Breakfast with a view

Situated on sloping hills, Sumba Nautil Resort has 7 secluded cottages in an idyllic setting of Western comfort and stunning views. All cottages at Sumba Nautil Resort are built using local materials, traditional artifacts, with air-conditioning and large windows. The cottages have a terrace overlooking Indian Ocean with backdrop of Marosi slopping hills. Sumba Nautil is located in South Western coast of the island and 2 hours drive to Tambolaka airport.

Marosi Beach

After breakfast we asked Hotel Staff to drive us to the nearby Marosi Beach so we can swim and play on the beach. Varee brought a pop up tent so we could change to swimming suit inside and Alyssa could use the tent to sleep if she got tired. She ended up sleeping inside the tent while we went swimming.

Satisfied swimming we went back to Hotel for lunch. when our driver back around 2 pm we took a drive to see other beach around Marosi.

Batu Beleg Beach

To go to Batu Beleg Beach we had to descent down many stairs so I put Alyssa on a back carrier. As we descent down we saw the beach was so beautiful and there were a few people swimming down there.

We also stopped to see Kelewer Beach. It was low tide when we were there.

We returned to Hotel before dark so we could rest before driving to East Sumba tomorrow.

West Sumba is less developed Vs the eastern part. Phone signals are still difficult in many places and their culture is also different. The west are more reserved than the East.

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