Day 5 From West to East

Today is going to be a long day as we are going to move from the west to the east. Pantai Tarimbang is located in the middle of the island so we took a detour when we reach Central Sumba. Not many people go to Pantai Tarimbang because of its remote location and there is no good Hotels around the area. Road to Pantai Tarimbang is winding with many turns, and after so many turns, Fabio got dizzy and got car sick. We had to stop as he needed to throw up and took some rest. It took us 5 hours driving from Sumba Nautil to reach Pantai Tarimbang including the few stops along the way.

Tarimbang Beach

The view to Pantai Tarimbang is very scenic and made sure to take few stops to admire the view and also rest.

on the way to Tarimbang Beach

There used to be a nice Hotel in Tarimbang Beach owned by a couple. But I read online that the Hotel was abandoned after the couple get divorced. There are several homestays in the area where many surfers stayed at but no decent hotel yet.

It was 2 pm when we reached Pantai Tarimbang. Unfortunately the weather was gloomy and there was no sun so our picture doesn’t really justify how beautiful Pantai Tarimbang is. Pantai Tarimbang has a long stretch of soft white sand with an inviting beautiful blue colour water.

We had picnic lunch by the beach and rest for few hours playing on the beach until our guide told us that we need to start moving. Pantai Tarimbang was deserted with nobody and no warung when we came.

Bukit Wairinding

As we approach East Sumba we could see the landscape changing. East Sumba is more hilly than the West. We made a stop to Bukit Wairinding, the famous icon of East Sumba.

The landscape of Bukit Wairinding is mesmerizing with its overlay of sprawling savanna which is yellow during the dry season and green in the rainy season. Our guide said that visiting Bukit Wairinding in two seasons will give a different impression. If visitors arrive in the dry season, between July to October the natural atmosphere there would feel like being in Africa, complete with exotic desert savananya. And when visitors come in the rainy season, the atmosphere would feel like the hills of New Zealand at the hilltop.

Road to Wairinding was winding but the paving was smooth. We parked the car in the parking lot available around stalls that once the residence of the local community. From there, we walk to climb the hill which is behind the stall of approximately 500 m.

At the time of writing There are no any supporting facilities around the site. Only a small shop on the outskirts, but it was incomplete. It is advisable for visitors who want to visit here to bring food and drink if you want to visit long and enjoy the bliss atmosphere.

Complete team minus one

It’s a long journey to get from the west to east with a side trip to Pantai Tarimbang. We our hotel, Villa Morinda around 6pm and decided to just have dinner at the hotel and rest for the night.


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