Driving thru Pantai Tarimbang and Bukit Wairinding in East Sumba

Today is going to be a long day as we are going to move to Sumba Timur (East Sumba). Pantai Tarimbang is located in the middle so we have to take  detour when we reach Central Sumba. Not many people go to Tarimbang because of the location and the road condition is not so good and involve a lot of turns. Fabio actually threw up in the middle of the journey. It actually took us 5 hours driving from Sumba Nautil to reach Pantai Tarimbang including the stop we had to make when Fabio threw up.

The view to Pantai Tarimbang is beautiful, we took a few stop just to take pictures

on the way to Tarimbang Beach

There used to be a nice Hotel in Tarimbang Beach owned by a couple  but I read online it was abandoned after they got divorced. There are few homestays in the area though but there is no decent hotel yet.

It was 2 pm when we finally reached Pantai Tarimbang. We didn’t have a good blue sky when we get to Tarimbang Beach which is a shame because the beach will look so stunning if the weather has been good.

The beach is a nice stretch of white sand and beautiful blue colour water. I wish we could have seen in it in its best form when the sky is blue. 

We had lunch in Tarimbang with the food we have bought in the morning. There is no decent restaurant in the vicinity and the beach was empty when we were there.

We stayed few hours and finally we drive thru to East Sumba.

Reaching East Sumba we can see the area is more hilly than West. We made a stop to Bukit Wairinding, the famous icon of East Sumba. Bukit Wairinding is so breathtakingly beautiful… luscious greeny sloppy hills! Love…love…love! 

Complete team minus one

It’s a long journey to get from the west to east with a side trip to Tarimbang. We finally checked in at the hotel around 6ish pm and decided to just have dinner at the hotel.