Exploring East Sumba

Our Hotel in East Sumba: Morinda Villa. I love this hotel…the view from the balcony is stunning. They also have a nice restaurant so it is very convenient to have dinner at the hotel instead of going out at night and the food is also good. 

First destination: the savannah at Puru Kampera. There is also a beach in the end of the savannah

Walk with me 🙂

Second stop: Desa Rende

After lunch we went to Pantai Walakiri but we couldn’t take any good pictures because it was so windy it looked like there’s a storm going to pass by 😦

We finally went to Bukit Persaudaraan instead

This end our adventure in Sumba as tomorrow we are flying to Bali. December is not exactly the best month in Sumba because there are days where it rains and we didn’t get the blue sky. But hey we love to travel when we have the time off. We still able to enjoy the raw beauty of Sumba. A very beautiful small island which have it both; stunning beach and magnificent hills. Au Revoir Sumba!