Day 6 East Sumba

Villa Morinda

This is our hotel in East Sumba. After staying in a beach location in West Sumba, I wanted a change of scenery and stayed in a hilly landscape instead. The view from our balcony is stunning, you can see a beautiful rolling hills of East Sumba. Villa Morinda also has a nice restaurant overlooking this beautiful view.

Puru Kambera

Not all people know the fact that East Sumba also has its own savanna called Puru Kambera. Puru Kambera is located in Mondu Village and it belongs to Kanatang Sub-District. Wild horses, cows and sometimes water buffaloes are roaming in this savanna. The wild horses often wander in the open field for grassing. Their color varies and they look healthy as well. Aside from grasses, Puru Kambera also becomes the home of several big trees. The panorama even looks more beautiful during the hot season, as the grasses turn yellow. There is no facility yet in Puru Kambera. Puru Kambera also has its own beach at the end of the savanna.

Desa Rende

Rende Village, two hour drive from Waingapu, is another traditional Sumbanese village, has some large tombs that are built inside the village which made it look like a regular traditional village of Sumba but it isn’t. Some of the walls of the houses are actually made of buffalo skin. Some huge buffalo skulls are attached on the houses or just lay out in front of the house for other people to see.

Pantai Walakiri

After lunch we went to Pantai Walakiri, a beautiful mangrove beach, famous spot among photographers to capture sunset pictures. However the wind is terribly strong today and it looked like a storm would pass by. We couldn’t take any good pictures and the wind also caused a high tide so the mangrove trees were almost non existent.

Bukit Persaudaraan

Bukit Persaudaraan is only 3km drive away from the airport. Here on on top of the hill we are able to see wild horses grazing and looked at Waingapu city from top of the hill.

Tanggedu Waterfall

East Sumba also has its own waterfall called Tanggedu. However the access to the waterfall is not easy. We need to park our car in the homes of local residents and continue the journey by hiking around 2.5 km to the waterfall. Walking 2.5km would be too difficult for Alyssa and I don’t think I can carry her on my back that far. We’ll save these waterfalls when Alyssa is older so she can hike us to the waterfalls we didn’t manage to see.

This end our adventure in Sumba as tomorrow we are flying to Bali. December is not exactly the best month in Sumba because there are days where it rains and we didn’t get the blue sky. But hey we love to travel when we have the time off. We still able to enjoy the raw beauty of Sumba. A very beautiful small island which have it both; stunning beach and magnificent hills. Au Revoir Sumba!

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