Visiting Universal Studio and Harry Potter

Visiting Universal Studio and Harry Potter

Let’s be children again… Magic place where you can do and be what you want 🙂

The main reason I visit USJ is for the Harry Potter. I know I wont be able to play any of the rides because Alyssa is too little. We can actually queue for the parents line where we can swap but at that time we were too lazy to do any queuing. 

in front of USJ

Once we go inside we went straight to get the time ticket to visit Harry Potter. Jadi kita jalan2 seputar USJ sampai waktu yg di tentukan untuk masuk Harry Potter studio sesuai tiket.

Minion: Alyssa favourite character

Harry Potter area

Hogwart Castle. They have the giant castle here instead of the miniature in Harry Potter studio in UK

Butter beer 🙂

The train
The famous flying car

Back to USJ we move to the area for little kids for Alyssa to explore

Alyssa star struck and officially now a big fan of Hello Kitty

Adult area

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