Beautiful Cherry blossom in Osaka

Beautiful Cherry blossom in Osaka

We started the day visiting Osaka Castle and bought food for picnic under Cherry Blossom

Osaka Castle

My first cherry blossom 

Our own Hanami party; lunch picnic

Us getting excited with our first cherry blossom 

After taking lots and lots of pictures with cherry blossom we finally moved on to go to Minami and Kita.

Highlight of the day was always dinner ❤️ We both loved Japanese food and we are pretty adventurous when it comes to eating in Japan. We would go eat at the restaurants where local people went and always found the food to be tasty and delicious. Many of them don’t have English menu. When that happens we look at the pictures and ask the waiter/waitress who always tried to explain what they are. I don’t normally eat mackerel back home as I found them to have fishy smell but in Japan, they have no fishy smell at all and tasted really really good!

Our cute restaurant for dinner

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