How to plan a trip to Kei island

There are two routes flying to Kei island from Jakarta

  1. Jakarta-Ambon-Kei by Garuda and Lion air+wings air
  2. Jakarta- Ujung Pandang- Kei by Sriwijaya air

We like the second option if you just want to visit Kei because transit time in Ujung Pandang is only 2 hours.

I had to circle where kei island is to  my sister šŸ™‚

Places to Stay in Kei Kecil island

  1. Near the beach or beachfront in Ohoidertawun beach: Lucy Guesthouse and Savana Cottage. Got phone coverage (edge not 3G) and no air conditioner
  2. Near the beach area in Ohoililir beach: Coaster Cottage and Ohoimel Resort (newly built). Both have no phone reception and no aircon
  3. Pasir Panjang: Avoid this on the weekend unless you want to wake up to all day loud karaoke and the crowd noise. Pasir Panjang beach is a really nice beach with the sand as softest as baby powder. No aircon also
  4. Town: if you really must have air conditioner and 3G phone reception

This is our free and easy beach holiday itinerary:

13 Jun: Fly to Kei from Jakarta
14 Jun: Landed in Kei in the morning. Check in Hotel. in the afternoon after lunch visit Goa Hawang, Mangrove beach and city tour
15 Jun: Bair island
16 Jun: chasing pelican in Ngurtafur and take tons of pictures in the morning. Go back and in the afternoon and spend the rest of day staring at the beach and dip in our giant turquoise pool
17 Jun: car trip around the island and visit Matwaer beach in the other side of the island. 
18 Jun: Fly back