Where to stay in Kei Island

Here’s the options:

  1. Near the beach or beachfront in Ohoidertawun beach: Lucy Guesthouse (CP: Sopyan +6282248336980) and Savannah Cottage (CP: Lucy Gerson via FB). Got phone coverage (edge not 3G) and no air conditioner
  2. Near the beach area in Ohoililir beach: Coaster Cottage and Ohoimel Resort (newly built). Both have no phone reception and no airconditioner
  3. Near Ngurbloat beach or Pasir Panjang beach: Avoid this on the weekend unless you want to wake up to all day loud karaoke and the crowd noise. Ngurbloat beach is a really nice beach with the sand as softest as baby powder. No aircon also
  4. Town: if you really must have air conditioner and 3G phone reception

Where we stay

We chose to stay in Lucy Guest House which is located in Ohoidertawun beach during our stay in Kei Kecil. We chose the place because we want to stay close to the beach. The beach in front of the guesthouse looked un-swimmable during low tide from morning to 11am. But when high tide coming, the beach turns into a giant clear turquoise pool.

We originally booked Savannah Cottage but they were fully booked and Ibu Lucy arranged for us to stay at Lucy guesthouse which is a sister hotel of Savannah Cottage. Lucy guesthouse is owned by Pak Sofian and Ibu Puji (who happens to be a sister of Ibu Lucy). We eat there every night as there is no nearby restaurants and Ibu Puji is a very good cook. Pak Sofian also helps us arrange where we want to go in the island. 

I always like to stay somewhere secluded with  a nice beach for my beach holiday and this was a good choice. The place has no air conditioner at the moment but Pak Sofian told me he was planning to install aircon in the lucky huts where we currently stay. I cannot wait….! We can still get phone reception here although only edge but enough to send WhatsApp messages.

Ohoidertawun Beach

I read online that all review said that Ohoidertawun beach is not suitable for swimming because during low tide the beach would have gone up to 1-2km and the locals can no tell what time is the low tide and high tide. However during our stay at Lucy’s guesthouse the low tide always happen every morning and in the afternoon the beach is gorgeous and we can swim everyday in this giant turquoise calm water.

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