Why a trip to Kei island on Lebaran holiday?

Kei island trip is an impulsive trip resulted from my stupidity. Our family was supposed to go to Singapore and Johor Bahru for Lebaran holiday. After holiday I was supposed to go to China for a business meeting (see my post about China trip). I was not thinking properly when I submitted my passport for VISA application. Only on the last working day I remembered that my passport was still with the embassy and after hours contacting everyone I know trying to retrieve my passport I had to accept that I just couldn’t go outside the country.

I could not bear the thought of being by myself alone on Lebaran holiday so I contacted my sister who also happened to be stranded because her passport was also held in France Embassy. At first, we thought of going to Belitung island but then I told her why don’t we go to Kei island instead. We haven’t been there and I heard it was very beautiful. What I didn’t tell her was that I have been obsessing about Kei Island for many many years but never got a chance to go. So this was like a golden opportunity given by God to fulfill my dream.

So after convincing my sister I started browsing for ticket. I was so happy to find out there is a new flight from Sriwijaya Air, taking us straight to Kei Kecil Island from Jakarta with transit in Ujung Pandang. Previously we can only fly from Ambon and the transit is 6 hours minimum. So we booked the ticket, and secure accommodation. where to stay in Kei Kecil island can be read here.

Our flight was around 10pm which got further delayed but as it was a one ticket flight, the connecting flight from Ujung Pandang to Kei was waiting for us.

We finally landed in Kei Kecil around 8 am 🙂

Our driver from the Hotel was already waiting for us, a very nice guy who told us that we can contact him if we are ready to explore the city. Right now what we wanted is to lie down in our bed and eat 🙂

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