Beautiful Kei Island

After continuing sleep in a real bed, have a shower and eat. Ibu Lucy made us nasi goreng and mie goreng with telor ceplok.

It is low tide in the morning and nothing we can do in the beach so we called our driver to take us to Goa Hawang.

The beach at low tide from 5pm to 10am. The low tide can go up till 2km stretch

Goa Hawang location is not far from Ohoidertawun. From the car park we only need to walk few hundered meters and take the steps down. Best to come where in the afternoon for better lighting. Goa hawang is a stalactic cave with a fresh water pool in the bottom. 

Best to come here already with your swimming suit because there is no designated changing place. It is still very raw, no infrastructure yet.

After we finish taking lots of pictures we heard the sound of crowds. Apparently locals also visit the cave to swim in the afternoon. We quickly left the place before it got crowded and leave to visit Mangrove place.

We didn’t take pictures of the mangrove because the lighting was not good and we found the cute colourful café made a better background picture.

When we are back to our hotel we found that the beach has turned into a giant turquoise pool because of the high tide 🙂