Picturesque Bair Island

Bair Island is a small island with million of charms; It has two bays with crystal clear water, calm sea, mangrove vegetation and rock cliffs. At first glance, Bair Island is similar to Raja Ampat Papua so locals oftem call Bair Island as miniature of Raja Ampat. Bair Island is also a home for baby shark types Blackpit.

To get to Bair Island is quite easy. We drove to Dullah Darat village , 30 minutes by car. There is also public transport going to Dullah from the terminal in Tual. At Dullah Darat port we continued the sea trip by using boat. Bair Island is located at the end of island series in the Dullah Laut Village. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach Bair Island.

Ready to go to Bair. Us and Pak Tony our guide/driver

Our boat passed several small islands, one of which is Adrenan Island. Adrenan Island is a small island covering an area of 500 m2 with the fascinating fine sand beach and the beach sand line that shifted to the east the because of the seasonal changes from east to west, and vice versa. Adrenan Island is suitable for those who like to play at the beach water and take some pictures.

After passing several islands in Dullah Laut Village we approached Bair Island and immediately treated by the rock cliffs surrounding Bair Island. Pak Tony said that if we were lucky we would be able to see baby shark Blackpit.

Welcome to Pulau Baer or Bair Island

After arriving in Bair Island bay we could see the majestic high cliffs and some rocky cliff in the middle of the bay. At low tide we could find some beaches that could be visited when it is not covered by sea water.

Strolling Bair Lagoon with a small boat

Bair Island is one of the most beautiful lagoon I have ever seen. I can not describe how beautiful it is. We stroll the lagoon using small boat before taking a  stop and swim in the clear turquoise lagoon. 

Strolling the lagoon with boat

Swimming in the lagoon

The clear turqoise water was too inviting not to swim. Just be careful not to swim in the area near the water snake nest.

Picnic Island

From Bair we made a stop to picnic island. We saw many locals there having picnic and doing karaoke. Karaoke-ing is a local favourite activity. No wonder amazing singers usually come from the eastern part of the country.

Back to our guesthouse, we handed over crabs which we bought on the market on the way to Bair to Bu Puji to be cooked for our dinner.


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