Picturesque Bair Island

To get to Bair island you need to drive to Dullah and take the boat from there. It is a 30 minutes by boat from Dullah.

Ready to go to Bair. Us and Pak Tony

Locals said Bair island is a miniature of Raja Ampat in Papua.

Bair Island is one of the most beautiful lagoon I have ever seen. I can not describe how beautiful it is. We stroll the lagoon using small boat before taking a  stop and swim in the clear turquoise lagoon. 

Welcome to Pulau Baer or Bair Island

Strolling the lagoon with boat

Swimming in the lagoon

From Bair we made a stop to picnic island. We saw many locals there picnic and doing karaoke. Karaoke-ing is local favourite activity, no wonder amazing singers usually come from the eastern part of the country.

Back to Hotel and have crabs for dinner (before going to Bair, we stopped to buy crabs to be cooked by Ibu Lucy for our dinner)

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