Chasing pelican in Ngurtafur

Boat to Ngurtafur leave from Debut, about 30 minutes driving from Ohoidertawun. Boat from Debut cost 700K IDR plus we have to pay retribution fee to the local of 200K IDR. If you are going to Ngurtafur chose a boat which has roof because it is a long way and it is going to be very hot. 

Our boat to Ngurtafur. See our floatie?

Ngurtafur is actually a large sand dunes in the middle of the ocean. Best time to visit Ngurtafur is from 10-12 when the sand dunes area is the largest. 

Pelicans visit Ngurtafur from Australia in April and May. I was very lucky to be able to spot them in June. 

Us in Ngurtafur

Swimming time

Our floatie goes to Ngurtafur

We can only spend few hours here because eventually the sand dunes gets smaller and you have to go when it is sunny đŸ™‚