Driving around Kei Island

In our last day we ask Pak Sofian to take us around the island. It is raining on and off and cloudy the whole day. We are so lucky that we have gone to Bair and Ngurtafur when it was sunny

Kei City Center

Driving to the south of the island take us to Matwaer beach, 1 hour drive from Ohoidertawun. 

Matwaer beach is the most beautiful white sandy beach in the whole island. The weather is not friendly today so the beach looks less stunning. But when the sun comes out and the sky is blue again this beach will stand out. The sand is the softest I ever felt so far. Matwaer beach is in the south, at the other end of the island from where we stay. There is no phone reception presently but I am sure this will change in the future. 

Back to the city we went to visit Yeer Teran at Leman. We took a boat to the small island where we can climb the tower to see Kei from above

Boat to Yeer Teran

From the top

Pasir Panjang beach and the crowd on weekend