In the beginning of 2018, someone in my yoga class told me how she and her family just came back from holiday in Zhangjiajie. I have never heard of Zhangjiajie and she told me it was a national park in China which inspired Avatar Movie. She also told me how she went to Tianmen mountain and walked on a glass bridge. Her stories piqued my interest because I would have a work meeting in Beijing somewhere in June.

I asked Hubbie if he would like to come with me to Beijing but he was busy with work. So I asked my bestie, Sari if she would like to come to Beijing with me. We could travel after I finished my work meeting. Later our friend Wienny told us she would like to come as well so there would be the three of us.

Here’s our Girls’ Trip Itinerary

Day 0: Work Meetings. Sari and Wienny landed in Beijing on my last day of meeting.
Day 1: Check out Beijing Hotel. See Great Wall Mutianyu and fly to Zhangjiajie
Day 2: One full day in Zhangjiajie National Park
Day 3: Morning to Grand canyon glass bridge dan afternoon to Tianmen mountain. Fly to Beijing in the evening
Day 4: Beijing Summer Palace dan shopping
Day 5: fly home

It’s a super short getaway because these girls are very busy and they could only take leave for few days. I recommend to stay 2-3 days in Zhangjiaje National Park because there is a lot to explore in there.

The challenges of traveling in China is the language. None of us speak Mandarin and many application like Whatsapp, Line, Google, Google map, Facebook, Instagram, Internet explore are banned in China. So before our departure we have downloaded Chinese application such as We Chat, Baidu (Chinese version of Internet explored) and Baidu Translate.

I purchased the domestic flight ticket Beijing – Zhangjiajie return in Expedia. For the entrance ticket to Zhangjiajie National Park, Tianmen mountain and Green Canyon plus the transport while we were there is arranged by a local travel agent who speaks english which I got from Trip Advisor.

I used 2 local travel agents during the trip:

  1. Mr Meng for Beijing Trip
  2. Kelly for Zhangjiajie

All communications were done via We Chat and payments are made by Credit Card thru the payment link which they provided.

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