Thrilling Glass Bridge in Grand Canyon Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is in the same area with Zhangjiajie National Forest Park which we went yesterday, around 40 minutes by car from our Hotel. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is a recently-developed natural wonderland that is famous for beautiful natural landscape and cultural sites. It incorporates green mountains, mild streams, intrigued caves, steep cliffs, and thick forest. There is a museum of landform of Zhangjiajie inside and you can see the unique Karst topography scenery of the North Temperate Zone.

The highlight of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is the Glass Bridge, which claimed to be the world’s tallest and longest pedestrian glass bridge in China and worldwide. The Zhangjiajie glass bridge is 385 meters long, 6 meters wide and 300 meters above the canyon floor below. The bridge can accommodates up to 800 visitors. It will feature the world’s highest bungee jump, and serve as a stage for fashion shows and cultural events.

Construction was completed in June 2016 and official opening is expected in October 2016. The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge was designed by internationally renowned architect and poet, Professor Haim Dotan, the founder of Haim Dotan Ltd. Architects and Urban Designers. The project is developed by the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Tourism Management Co. Ltd.

There are many things to do other than walking on the glass bridge but as we only had less than 3 hours, we only went to the glass bridge. We initially planned to skip this but Kelly told us if we only wanted to see the glass bridge we still had enough time. Kelly arranged the car to pick us up from Hotel and drive us to Grand Canyon and later Tianmen Mountain. She also pre-purchased the ticket for us. Our driver this also didn’t speak English so we communicate via Baidu Translate.

Walking thru the glass bridge is not as scary as we thought because there are so many people and not all areas are covered by glass. The trick is not to look down as we walked because it was really high up. The ticket to walk the glass bridge is timing to manage the number of visitors and it is recommended to purchase the ticket in advance during peak season to avoid disappointment. We were given a locker to store our shoes and we had to wear a special shoes which soles resembles a towel to avoid the bridge become dirty.

Lama-lama kita gak takut lagi dan mulai foto2 pakai gaya

After passing the initial scare we got wild and started doing yoga poses on the bridge lol.

After making ourselves become part of the show of the bridge we head back to our car and continued our trip to Tianmen Mountain.

Good Bye Glass Bridge

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